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New Year. New Trade Opportunities.
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New Year. New Trade Opportunities.

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It may just be January, but the United States Agriculture Department (USDA) Foreign Ag Service has already lined up seven trade missions.

Summit Livestock Facilities_New Year, New TraditionTrade missions are scheduled with Peru and the North African countries of Algeria, Lybia, Morocco, and Tunisia. USDA already has trade missions established with these countries. These countries are those with which the U.S. already has ag trade efforts in place. At the meetings, efforts will focus on meeting new individuals and companies to further enhance relationships and develop additional trade opportunities.

Th FAS also has noted that it has scheduled four additional trade missions with countries that are potential new trade partners. These scheduled trade missions are with Spain and Portugal, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates.  

USDA Undersecretary for Trade and Foreign Affairs, Ted McKinney reports that meetings in these countries will focus more on exploring opportunities to expand, diversify, and/or further develop trade relations. In 2019, USDA-led ag trade missions involved 240 companies participating in 3,200 one-on-one meetings with buyers generating over $78 million in projected sales.

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