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If One is Good, Three is Even Better
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If One is Good, Three is Even Better

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Company consolidation is everywhere – whether it is in the agricultural world (think Monsanto and Bayer or Pioneer and DuPont) – or in the fast food world (think Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut) – it gives customers choices. But more importantly these companies have linked together to combine expertise, to share resources, and to maximize the services they can produce and provide.

It’s somewhat that way with Summit Livestock Facilities and its linkages to “sister” companies FBi Buildings and Heartland Builders Company.

Summit Livestock has its seasoned experts across protein-producing agricultural species. They combine that expertise with post frame construction, engineering, and management.

It is a talent pool that knows livestock, knows building and engineering, and knows the processes to put it all together under a single construction management process.

Working with the right people, aligning with the right resources, and having a team to help efficiently and effectively address questions and bring innovative ideas to reality is what it takes to get your livestock facility working for you.


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About Kathleen Lonergan Erickson

If it has hooves, feathers, or paws, there’s a good chance Kathleen Lonergan Erickson has been actively engaged in some aspect of raising, handling, or supporting the animals and humans involved! Kathleen has worked directly in animal agriculture through the family farm, as a journalist, through corporate experience, and as an independent marketing communications consultant. Her understanding of the business of agriculture is as deep and strong as is her respect for agricultural producers. She is a graduate of Iowa State University, and recently returned to university to earn her master’s degree in Agricultural Innovation. Supporting the innovative work of Summit Livestock Facilities is a natural fit for her.