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Rising costs are limiting growth everywhere.

If you’re like a lot of cow calf producers, your future plans for growth are facing one obstacle after another. Pasture is increasingly too expensive to buy. Feed and labor costs are on the rise. Plus, unpredictable weather is increasing, causing stress on your cattle — and you. So what are producers doing?

Producers are moving indoors.

Making the move to an indoor cow calf operation can improve your conception and calf survival rates, and increase cow longevity while also reducing feed and pasture costs. It also makes chores easier, reducing labor cost. These benefits can help you maximize your profit potential.

They’re turning to Summit.

A Summit Livestock Facilities cow calf monoslope is an ideal shelter and feeding environment that can improve herd health and performance, maximize the fertilizer value of your manure, and so much more.

Producers have stated that a "one-size-fits-all system” doesn't work for everyone, so while each barn is pre-engineered, our system is flexible and allows each to be scaled to fit your site for maximum effectiveness. After all, your needs are unique. Shouldn’t your cow calf facility be, too?

Find out if a monoslope is right for you.

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